Thursday 25 April 2019
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What is the Difference between Real Estate Agent and For Sale Owner?

What is the Difference between Real Estate Agent and For Sale Owner?

Spring is the best time to sell away your house as it coordinates with the recent appreciation in the home prices. But what is a smarter way to sell away your house, by hiring a real estate agent or by doing everything on your own? There are many websites available on demand, also the FSBO or the For Sale By Owner is quite famous today as so much information is available on the Internet. But, many people are still confused between the two. Read on for the distinction between the two.

  1. Better price

According to real estate agents, you can earn more money by mastering the art of negotiation, gain some leverage by having some local knowledge, making the best of the incredible marketing tools available and the ability to qualify buyers. Real estate agents are aware of the knowledge on how to market your home with the help of photographs in order to increase the value when showing them to the potential buyers. As the agents are aware that it’s entirely an emotional process, and as a third party they can manage it well. A good real estate agent can help you gain prospective buyers by getting them excited about a lifestyle that a house can deliver them. Also, prospective buyers don’t trust the homeowners much. However, pricing a home is also an easy job when done DIY. For a few hundred bucks, sellers can gain an independent appraiser to offer them a fair market deal for their property. There is enough information online to gain a sense of what your property is worth.

  1. Access to qualified buyers

Good real estate agents will always ask for financial statements to ascertain the creditworthiness of the potential buyer. And when it comes to an all cash offer, the funds are verified. Most of the sellers don’t bother to waste any time on showing the home to those who don’t take it seriously. A knowledgeable broker is acquainted with all such foresight and information on how to verify the funds are coming from, so it is very less likely that the deal will get cancelled at the contract stage. The FSBO seller always operates on his own risk with respect to asking the financial statements from the prospective buyers.

  1. Saving time

No one has the time or purpose to stage their house, organize an inspection, manage the phone calls from the prospective buyers and interrogate the attorneys. A good real estate agent can easily guide the sellers to the fair and reasonable attorneys and inspectors, so that the seller is not stuck with one who will pay the bills with unnecessary charges and time.

Choosing between FSBO and real estate agent is dependent on your situations and circumstances and also on how motivated you are to manage the entire process by yourself. It is nice to be known to the options and a plethora of information on selecting an agent or visiting the FSBO website right from your phone.

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